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Manage the rising cost of living with an affordable electric bike subscription, from $44 per week.

Get free delivery, servicing, rider rescue and insurance included.

Improve your sense of well-being and overall mental health by riding an eBike.

Have the option to buy your eBike without being left out of pocket.

Do your part for the environment and budget by reducing how often you drive a car.

An energetic woman smiles as she effortlessly maneuvers an electric-powered Lug+Carrie ebike outside the vibrant backdrop of the Lug+Carrie van. Engaged in providing at-home services, she showcases the convenience and eco-friendliness of this modern transportation solution. Her confident posture and the seamless integration of the ebike with the van symbolize efficiency, versatility, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Once you subscribe, we'll bring your Lug+Carrie right to your doorstep.

Free delivery, service pickups and drop offs.*

Your bike, your way. Subscribe for as long as you want, or choose to purchase it outright after 6 months. It's that simple.

It's your eBike until you unsubscribe or buy it.

When your Lug+Carrie needs a tune-up, we'll pick it up, take care of everything, and bring it back to you, good as new.

Repairs, maintenance and insurance Included.

At Lug+Carrie, we believe in ease and flexibility. Decided our service is not for you? Just let us know with 4 weeks' notice, and we'll collect your bike hassle-free.

Keep the car and still save money on every km you don't drive!


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No hidden costs.

A weekly payment with no strings attached, no surprises.

Still interested? Get in touch.

Every subscription payment is one step closer to ownership.

Your subscription payments contribute to the balloon price of your bike. Conditions apply.

Mum and daughter heading to school on their blue Quick Haul from Lug+Carrie.

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Upfront Ownership Costs

$4,995+RRP Tern eBike

RRP Tern Quick Haul eBike starting from $4,995+


RRP Heavy duty chain from ABUS


Standard delivery fee, as of the 1st of November 2022

Annual Ownership Costs

$149 / yearCall Out Fee

Call out fee of $149 extra or transporting the bike yourself.

$450+ / yearParts + Labour
$421 / yearInsurance + Rider Rescue

Velosure Premium Package -- $39.55 per month / $474.60 per year
Rider Rescue Membership -- $50 per year