Why Get An eBike? Here’s What Our Customers Say

The Top 4 Reasons Our Customers Got An eBike

Everyone knows bicycles. They have been around forever and most people have owned and ridden one at some point in their life, and possibly have fond memories of their first two-wheeler.

But what about electric bikes? They are a relatively new part of the transportation landscape. More than a tweak, ebikes are the next evolution of a classic.

Lug & Carrie exists to get more people on ebikes, and we’ve learned a lot from the well over 100 customers that we’ve had to date. We asked them (and sometimes they just came out and told us) why they decided to get an ebike, and here are the top 4 reasons.

#4 – I’ve ditched the car

A lot of people would like to drive their car less. But what’s the alternative?

Kate recently left us a nice review, wherein she said:
“I am not traditionally a bike person but was sick of my car and wanted to do better by the environment.”

But can an ebike really replace a car like it has done for Kate?

When that ebike can carry all your stuff and two of your kids – up to 200 kilos in the case of our Tern GSD – you’d find that it could be quite useful instead of your car.

But that’s only part of the value. Kate also said:
“The value of the subscription is exceptional if you add it all up.”

According to one recent estimate, owning a car costs $16,912 per year on average. That’s a lot of cash.

That ebike that can do almost everything your car can? Not $16,912.

With subscriptions that start at $44 per week, not even close.

#3 – My kids love it

happy kids running up to mom who sits waiting on a blue Tern GSD

Parents, be honest: kids as travelling companions are fair to middling.

The above is especially true of those day-to-day exercises of parental perseverance like drop off at school or daycare, and running errands.

Seat belt struggles, tears, unfortunate music requirements, you know the drill. And this is before you’ve even gotten to your destination.

But there are a group of parents out there that seem to be having a different experience.

They want to take their kids with them everywhere.

And the kids want to come along just as much.

Recent comments from our great customers says that this alternative universe does exist, and it is easier to find than a parking spot at school drop off or a kid who doesn’t require a few gummy snakes to facilitate a smooth journey.

The secret? An ebike.

More specifically, an ebike like one from Lug & Carrie that’s made to carry your cargo and excels especially at carrying your kids.

Rachel told us:
“I can never imagine not having this bike as my first mode of transport and neither can the kids!”

Stacey said:
“My daughter loves riding in it (faster mummy, faster!)”

Even more from Ben:
“I’ve got the Tern GSD model – my kids smile ear-to-ear on the way to and from day-care.”

Ever had your kids smiling ear-to-ear in the back seat when bribery wasn’t involved?

What’s even better, kids who have fun riding bikes with their parents are more likely to become bike riders themselves. So you can be sure you are that your rides together are more than just a good time.

Even if they weren’t, though, surely you would agree that having a good time is a vast improvement from fair to middling.

#2 – A sweet combination of functional and fun

a woman rides a yelow Tern GSD with a man riding on the back

You may be able to relate to this.

There is that time in life when we start to ‘settle down’. Become more ‘responsible’. You get a serious job that requires a commute and proper work clothes.

You start buying useful-but-boring things like vacuum cleaners and insurance. Ok, maybe not insurance.

Lug & Carrie sells really useful ebikes, that are kind of like that Hoover… really useful. They carry a lot of stuff with ease.

Our lovely-and-responsible customer Kara told us this about her Lug & Carrie bike:
“It has transformed the way I get around the city. I am able to transport and haul my supplies from work to studio to home without worry, and able to carry far heavier and more awkward loads than I ever would have been able to on my road bike.”

Kara’s loving being able to go everywhere she wants to go, and carry all her things.

But this goes beyond just being an electric shopping trolley. Responsible-yet-fun Kara went on:
“The real cherry topper is being able to dink friends and family on the back of the bike as we go from place to place. “

Kara accessorized her bike with seat pads to dink her friends comfortably to the park. Fun.

She also appreciates that insurance, a secure German lock, and roadside assistance are included with her Lug & Carrie subscription. Responsible.  

It was a revelation to Kara – a “dream” as she put it – that useful things do not have to be boring. Functional does not have to exclude fun.

And even insurance can be cool, when it comes with an ebike.

#1 – I love my commute

A man sits on a red Tern HSD in the middle of a Melbourne laneway

Has such a phrase ever crossed your lips?

Maybe, but we doubt it. Many studies have shown that commuting is simply no fun, and actually makes people unhappy.

It is not surprising, really. How enjoyable is being stuck in traffic, or cooped up in unpredictable public transportation, watching the minutes of your day tick away?

What might surprise you is that we are hearing formerly unbelievable claims like ‘l love my commute’ more and more.

Samuel told us:
“I no longer dread the commute to work as these bikes make it not only easy but fun too.”

And like this from Jon:
“I can now easily commute to work and enjoy it much more compared to driving.”

This from two of our happy customers who have discovered that commuting via ebike is a great alternative.

Ok, but I live too far away, you’re saying. It is true that one issue with commuting by bike is distance – some people live just too far away to be able to put in the kilometers. Ebikes help solve that problem, they enable you to go further with less effort.

Bron told us:
“I’m riding one of Lug and Carrie’s ebikes on my daily 14km commute and I love the change to the way my time is spent (a 40 minute journey vs up to 1.5 hours via public transport).”

She had even more to say:
“Being able to cycle to work, in workwear without the need for a change / shower is a treat!”

There are also good intentioned and willing people out there that just don’t feel safe cycling on the roads. This is fair: studies have shown that concerns about safety are one of the main deterrents to more people cycling.

Good infrastructure helps with this, but Lug & Carrie isn’t in the bike lane building business. Luckily Councils all over Melbourne (and the world) are stepping up to improve things. But could a good bike like one of our Terns help solve this too?

Commuter Stacey thinks so:
“I feel totally safe due to the low structure of the bike.”

Maybe you would too.

And you?

Are you interested in trying a new commute, ditching your car, or finding transportation that your kids love (or all of the above)? If you’d like to find out what our customers are talking about, Apply today and we can help set you up with the right bike and the perfect accessories.

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