Want to improve your commute? 5 reasons to try an e-bike

In work as in life, there are those that are lucky, and then there are the rest of us.

Lucky employees get to work from home. They get to roll straight out of bed, six minutes before 9 am. Without even bothering to change out of their pajamas, they log in to their work computer before moving on to fire up the kettle and catch up on some laundry.

The rest of us have to arise long before work and then deal with getting back and forth to our workplace each day. We’ve got to commute. 

Often times our commute means life sucking hours in traffic, or maybe in a cramped train, before arriving at our destination where we are rewarded with expensive parking or a walk in the rain.

Fortunately, there is a better way: commuting by bicycle.

Perhaps you’ve heard of all the reasons why bicycle commuting is great. You are getting exercise, it’s fast, it saves money, and it’s good for your city and the planet.

However, even with as good as bicycle commuting is, there is a way to make it better. By riding an e-bike.

When commuting via e-bike, you get all the benefits of normal bicycle commuting, but also a few more. Here are 5 reasons why trying an e-bike might just be the best way to improve your commute.

There’s no sweat. One of the biggest reasons that most people love riding an e-bike to work is that there’s less sweating. And there have actually been studies to prove it. Less sweat because you don’t have to work as hard riding means you can get to where you are going fully suited up and work ready. For the same reason, your e-bike is also a great way to get around town to meetings or lunchtime dates.

An e-bike is flexibly healthy. While you can get to work with the electric pedal assist running full whack, no sweat, you can dial back the motor and get a workout if you want. Either way, you’re getting health benefits.

An e-bike is not just flexibly healthy, it’s flexible, full stop. Had a hard day and need to grab a couple bottles of wine on your way home, but afraid it’ll make your ride too heavy? Not to worry, because with an electric motor assisting, there’s a good chance you won’t even notice you’re hauling anything. 

Commute farther. Some people shy away from cycling into work because they think the distance is too far. They don’t want to arrive at work completely knackered, or come home at night needing a nap. Whether you have a short ride or a long one, the e-bike’s pedal assist means you exert yourself less, and are less tired by the time your ride is done.  

An e-bike is a great entry (or re-entry) into bicycle commuting. Maybe you used to ride your bicycle a lot, but stopped as you’ve gotten older and moved out of that inner city pad, thinking bicycle commuting is more for the young. Maybe that’s not you – maybe you’ve been thinking commuting by bicycle sounds like a good idea, but are not sure you are up to it. 

An e-bike is great for both cases. 

It is amazing what having the electric motor does for your confidence. It helps relieve some of the pressure of being on the road because there is less exertion on the body and the motor helps you keep going when you run out of steam. It also flattens out the hills you may have been worrying about. An e-bike could provide the confidence you need not only to get started on bicycle commuting, but to get back on your bike on Day 2.  

Hopefully you have been convinced to try out an e-bike as a means of improving your commute. If not, renew that Netflix subscription and get to work convincing your boss to let you work from home.

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