The Lug+Carrie Guide to Securing Your Ebike

The locking system for your Tern ebike is a bit different than a typical bicycle lock, so we thought we’d put together this handy guide to show you how it is done. It’s super easy – only 4 steps –  and if you follow them every trip, we’re sure that your bicycle will be there when you get back.

There are three main elements of our super secure ABUS locking system: a frame lock, a chain lock, and an alarm (yes, an alarm for your e-bike!).

Here’s how they all work: 

Step 1: Grab your keys and alarm fob!

The frame lock and integrated chain lock are a keyed system, so don’t forget your keys!

Step 2: Engage the frame lock

Start by locating your frame lock. If you are riding a Tern GSD, it is attached to the frame above the front wheel of the bike. On a Tern HSD, it is attached over the rear wheel, underneath the battery. 

The GSD Frame Lock

On one side of the lock there is a thumb lever. Insert your key on the side of the frame lock opposite the lever and twist it clockwise. With the key twisted, pull the thumb lever down until the metal locking shackle clicks. The frame lock is now engaged and has fixed the wheel, which will keep the bike from moving. 

The Keyhole

Step 3: Attach the chain lock

Loop the chain lock around a fixed object like a bike rack, and then around the frame of your bike. We don’t recommend using street signs as the fixed object, because they are made to be pulled out of the ground, and a keen bicycle thief is well aware of this.

We also don’t recommend looping the lock around your front wheel, because if a thief removed the wheel, they could make off with the rest of the bike!

Pull the metal end of the chain through the loop end, and then attach the metal end to the housing of the frame lock. There is no separate key for the chain lock, it uses the same key as the frame lock. (which, handy enough, is the same key you use to remove the battery for charging)

Step 4: Turn on the alarm

The alarm on your bike functions with a fob, and works much the same way you lock your car. Press the round button and you’ll hear a beep, which tells you that the alarm is on. Excessive shaking or movement of the bike with the alarm activated will cause a loud alarm siren to sound. If you trigger the alarm by mistake, press the button which has the picture of the unlocked padlock and the alarm will turn off. 

The Key FOB

To turn the alarm off normally, simply press the button showing a picture of an unlocked padlock. You’ll hear a beep to let you know that the alarm is now off. 

One final item that is important to note, to unlock your bike you simply insert your key and twist, which will release the chain lock and disengage the frame lock. Be a bit careful with this step- the frame lock is spring loaded and unlocks quickly. So keep your hand clear of the thumb lever to avoid getting nicked.

Finally, we recommend that unless your bike is secure in your house, personal garage or shed, that you use all 3 of the locking methods whenever your bike needs to be locked up. This is true even if you utilise a communal bike storage area in the parking garage of an apartment or office building, as these areas are sometimes prone to theft.

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