The Tern Sidekick Handlebars are a set of high-quality handlebars designed to fit on the Tern Sidekick lower deck. Made from durable materials, these handlebars provide a comfortable and secure grip for the rider, and are designed to support the weight of the Sidekick seat and child. The Tern Sidekick Handlebars are easy to install and adjust, allowing you to customize the riding position for maximum comfort and control. These handlebars are compatible with most Tern bike models, and are a great addition for families who love to cycle with their children. Choose the Tern Sidekick Handlebars for a reliable and comfortable riding experience for you and your child.

Tern Sidekick Handle Bars


Sidekick Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for your passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the road. Perfect for a bicycle built for two.

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