It’s Going to Be Electric: Lug+Carrie Comes to Sydney


Lug & Carrie has arrived in Sydney.

Sydney. Home to some pretty amazing things, the iconic Opera House, the mind blowing Harbour Bridge, breathtaking Bondi beach…and now Australia’s first eBike subscription service, Lug & Carrie! Okay okay, so maybe we don’t really belong on that list YET, but we do believe our company is pretty special, and once we introduce ourselves, we think you will too.

Hello, we are Lug & Carrie‍

1 car. 2 brothers. 8 hours. A lot of research. And the idea for Lug & Carrie was born.

Started in January 2020, we provide the easiest way to own an eBike. We believe that eBikes are a sustainable and efficient form of transport that are good for people, and the cities they live in. Whether you’d like to carry your cat, dog, fish (or all three if you’re willing to take the risk), surfboard, family, friends, click and collects, slabs of beer, Bunnings buys, or you’re just looking for a way to flatten those hills, we have the setup for you.


How did we get here (Sydney)‍

We’d always had big plans to expand, and, after a very successful year and a half in Melbourne, decided it was time to open a second location. Sydney was the obvious choice, what with those instagrammable beaches and rolling (read: impossible) hills. Not to mention the fact that its positively brimming with green spaces and some of the world’s most scenic locations made to be discovered by bikes.

Having arrived in late August, we are proud to say that the first batch of Lug & Carrie bikes are on the Sydney streets, so keep an eye out and wave a big hello!

Where we deliver‍

We are currently operating in the following Sydney LGAs: Canada Bay, Strathfield, Burwood, Inner West, Sydney, Woollahra, Waverley, Canterbury-Bankstown, Georges River Council, Bayside, and Randwick, Mosman and Manly.

For new customers living in those areas, we include:

  • free delivery at the start of each subscription and pick up at the end.
  • free on-site servicing, where we make minor repairs at your house, while you wait.
  • free delivery and pickup for any service that needs to be completed at our shop.

For people who do not live in the areas noted above, we do plan to expand in the near future, so get in touch and we will keep you posted.

Why you need a L&C bike right now

Maybe you’ve been looking at eBikes, but you’re a bit overwhelmed by the cost. Maybe you’re interested in cargo eBikes, and love the idea of being able to replace your car for errands and school drop-offs but can’t imagine hauling those kinds of loads up those aforementioned hills? Maybe you want to improve on that daily commute, since Covid has scared you into never wanting to use public transportation again and you’re tired of being stuck in traffic

Whatever it is, we’ve thought of a way to make it work. For you.


Lug+Carrie Sydney Harbour

Like what you’ve read, but need more info? 

  • This blog post breaks our subscription down into 5 simple points
  • Find out more about the super Tern bikes we offer. We’ve got a lot to say about both the GSD and the HSD 
  • Feed your brain with our T&Cs here

Alternatively, if you’re ready to join our first lucky Sydneyside customers, hit the Get Started button now!

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