Free Ebike Subscriptions For Essential Services Workers

Lug & Carrie is just a little ebike subscription business in Melbourne, but we want to do what we can to show our appreciation to the people working to keep Melburnians safe and healthy, the best way we know how. 

If you pay attention to the news, you might feel like most of Melbourne is working from home. But there are plenty out there who are still going to and from work. 

This includes the essential services workers, people who are putting themselves at risk every day testing, healing, and doing their part to keep the rest of us safe. 

We’re no good with the needles, but we do know that ebikes are a great way – the best way – to get to and from work. So we’ll be offering free subscriptions for health care and emergency services personnel on 20 of our shiniest bikes, to give people a little ebike joy in their daily commute. 

The free subscription lasts for 8 weeks, and each include a set of panniers (bags to carry your stuff) plus delivery of a Tern HSD or Tern GSD to your house. There’s no deposit, no down payment and no commitment to remain on the subscription after the 8 weeks is up.

It’s the least we can do. 

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  • Offer is open to health care and emergency services workers. Providing proof of employment is required.
  • Subscriptions are free for 8 weeks and include a pair of panniers and free delivery. This Offer is open until 30 September 2020 or while the 20 bikes last.
  • We will do our best to get you your preference of a Tern HSD or GSD, but we cannot guarantee availability.
  • Offer requires entering into a subscription with Lug & Carrie for 8 weeks. Subscription is subject to normal Terms and Conditions which can be found here.  
  • You are welcome to continue on to a regular subscription after the 8 weeks concludes. Subscriptions start at $44 per week for a Tern HSD and $57 per week for a Tern GSD. If you don’t want to continue on, no problem: you can simply return your bike at the end of the 8 weeks. The normal requirement to provide 4 weeks notice at the conclusion of a subscription will be waived.

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