eBike Fleet Management

Discover how we can help you implement world-class, reliable, versatile, and connected eBike solutions


Provide staff with a healthier way to commute and get to meetings

  • A happy and productive workforce
  • Attract and retain the best talent and reduce the need for car spots


Increase riding participation and active transport adoption in your community

  • Low cost, easy to implement behaviour change  programs
  • 45% long term rider uptake

Efficient logistics solutions

Quicker, cheaper and greener way to run your operations

  • Deliver more for less
  • Low up-front and ongoing costs

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Success stories

City Asset Maintenance

Using a fleet of electric cargo bikes, Good Cycles maintains and manages council assets, enabling council to use 70% fewer trucks in the CBD, reducing both congestion and emissions.

Behaviour Change Program

City of Merri-bek Council provides local primary schools with our e-cargo bikes for a trial period. Allowing families to leave the car at home for school drop-off with 45% of participants continuing on a subscription.

Micromobility Operations

Neuron use our e-cargo bikes to replace their share scooter batteries in Brisbane and Melbourne. Saving on van costs and swapping more batteries thanks to the ablitly to park wherever a scooter is.

Financing as easy as riding a bike

Build for Purpose for Cargo Solutions


Our huge range of accessories keeps your business agile, so you can respond quickly to changing market demands.

• Greater capacity
• Modular bikes to meet changing market demands + lifestyles
• Tailored to your business + payloads.
• Higher value orders
• Carry up to 200kg


A Lug+Carrie Fleet is designed to last longer + go further. Which means less down time, higher value orders, and less demand on your team.

• Integrated fleet management platform
• Less downtime
• Designed for the rigors of commercial use


Accessible bikes suitable for riders of any size and skill level

• Compliant to all Australian regulations and strict European standards.
• Low center of gravity for stability with heavy cargo.
• Tool free size adjustments in seconds.

The Bikes

Can’t see a solution for your needs?

Let us build one just for you.
We work with businesses of all sizes to give them a competitive advantage.

Our proven 5 step process

Step 1:
Define your goals

  • Help you to define your key metrics

Step 2:
Design the right solution

  • Select the right eBike bikes
  • Design a pilot & set-up the right tools

Step 3:
Implement a pilot

  • Deliver bikes
  • Educate
  • Provide ongoing support

Step 4:
Measure the results

  • Report on tangible results, learnings and participant experiences

Step 5:
Scale and optimise

  • Step-by-step plan to build the pilot into a full scale, high impact program

Our Sydney Service Centre

Fleet management

Our fully managed solutions make it simple for any organisation to implement and manage their fleet remotely.

Why choose us?

Expert technicians + Bosch-powered bikes

Suits all riders and adaptable for any application

Real time fleet management

1 million
fleet kms covered


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