Customer Spotlight - Meet Lisa from Brisbane!

Lisa has been riding her Lug+Carrie for just over a month now. Here is what she has to say about why she chose us and how she uses her Lug+Carrie to do more life by bike.

Why did you choose Lug+Carrie?

I had stalked the Tern GSD for months – I read all the reviews, talked with friends who have one and have been keen to purchase – but the price had been a sticking point. I was stoked to see Lug+Carrie open in Brisbane. Lug+Carrie gives me the flexibility to see how much we’d actually use the bike, validating its value as a second mode of transport. What sealed the deal was the extra support Lug+Carrie offered and the ability to switch out our setup as our little one grows. All the Tern GSD benefits without the big upfront costs. The option to potentially buy it outright later also really appeals.

What is your favourite thing about the service/bike?

The Brisbane team is so responsive and friendly, nothing salesy about them, they’re all focused on getting us riding confidently. With a 4 year old, I went with the Captain’s chair and decided within a few days that we wanted the Yepp Easyfit installed for longer trips. Navin and the team got us set up before the weekend and Jess took the time to ensure I knew how to move between different configs. 

Are we loving the bike? Ha, yeah you could say that! We clocked up nearly 100km in our first two weeks and before that my pushie had more cobwebs than Kms on it. 

How it has changed your travel behaviour?

Put it this way – we now have to think about taking the car out for a long drive in order to charge the battery. We use the bike for school drop off and pick ups, grocery runs and after school sports. Getting the bigger Transporteur Rack was the right move for us. We’re out and about as a family more too, taking on longer weekend rides and planning places to explore. The bike’s stability and turbo mode has given me the confidence to cycle with the little one on the back and I find myself turning down to eco mode to give myself a workout …sometimes.  

How does your Lug+Carrie help you navigate Brisbane? Is it an easy city to ride in?

Brisbane is a super ridable city. Its weather, riverside bikeways and the Kedron Brook Bikeway (repaired and largely upgraded since the floods) connect to major parks, cafes and great spots to walk about. We can highly recommend riding along the river to New Farm and dropping into the Jan Powers Markets at the Powerhouse museum.  I’ve found Google and Apple maps aren’t great at navigating bikeways and bike-friendly connecting streets. I downloaded Komoot – it’s much better – and you can save your rides, and find recommended and reviewed rides in your local area. 

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