Sweat-free cycling.
Good Move

Easy to ride from the first pedal, turn the dreaded commute into time for your own personal headspace.

Beat the bus for the same price. Good Move

Life in the fast lane is often the bike lane.

Not only is travel in peak hours quicker by bike within 10km of the CBD, but it’s easier to stop for coffee on the way in, grab the milk on the way home or swing past the gym without hassles of parking or packed, unreliable public transport.

Reduce congestion with an electric bike

An electric bike emits 2-5 grams of CO2 per kilometre ridden. In comparison, cars emit about 143g CO2 per kilometre.

Kim, Nick and their dog Peggy enjoying a fun ride in the park on their Lug+Carrie ebikes. Their Turn Quick Hauls are perfect for grabbing groceries or taking their dog on a mini adventure.

Do you really need that car? Make a Good Move.

The average cost of car ownership is $7,774 annually in Australia.

A Lug+Carrie is a simpler way to get around, and it helps the planet. Imagine life without the traffic jams, parking hassles, insurance, rego, depreciation, unpredictable fuel prices and the Sasquatch sized carbon footprint!

Johanne dinking Joel on a Lug+Carrie ecargo bike. on the streets on Brisbane It's an easy way to get around the city. Dinkin' on a Lug+Carrie electric bike available in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane

Our favourite electric bike setups for individuals

Whether it’s hitting the gym, commuting to work, or catching up with friends, our Lug+Carrie electric bike solutions are designed to help you make a good move. 

Millennial Falcon​

From $51 per week
Max weight


The set up
Tern Quick Haul
Tern Transporteur Rack
Tern Cargo Hold 37 Panniers (Pair)
Battery range

Up to 100km


Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor

Quick Haul with panniers and Tern Transporteur Rack

Commuting any other way would be a wookie mistake! Carry your gym gear, laptop and the weekly groceries. 

The Professional

From $57 per week
Max weight


The set up
Tern Quick Haul
Tern Hauler Rack
Tern Cargo Hold 37 Panniers (Pair)
Battery range

Up to 110km


Bosch Active Line Plus motor

HSD with hauler rack and panniers

Beat the bus, for the same price. Carry your work bag, gym bag and groceries without a hassle.

The image shows Kim and Nick enjoying a bike ride through a park in Melbourne on their Lug+Carrie Tern Quick Haul eBikes. The bikes have sturdy frames, rear cargo racks with panniers, and are equipped with electric pedal-assist systems. Kim is riding on the left-hand side of the image, wearing a helmet and casual clothing, while Nick is riding on the right-hand side, also wearing a helmet and carrying a backpack. They are both smiling and appear to be enjoying their ride through the park. The background shows a lush green landscape with trees, grass, and a paved path. The image conveys the joy and freedom of cycling, particularly on an eBike with pedal-assist technology, which makes cycling easier and more accessible. It also promotes the benefits of spending time outdoors, exercising, and exploring nature.

Get to work with a clear head. Good Move.

Riding a Lug+Carrie eBike to work will give you the same energy and optimism as that first slip of coffee, minus the jitters. 

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