Why We Use eBikes Powered by Bosch

A few years ago, Bosch set out to test one of its eBike batteries. 

As a brand, Bosch is well known across the world for their quality products. In Australia this typically means washing machines and cordless power tools, for which they were the brand voted most trusted by Australians in Home Appliances and in DIY Power Tools in 2020.

Bosch has also been making eBike motors and batteries for the last 10 years. And when an organisation known for its quality sets out to test one of their products, they really test them. 

So they charged and discharged one of their eBike batteries, over and over again, with the goal of doing this until the battery was no longer usable. 1,515 charging cycles later, they stopped. Bosch estimates that with this number of charges, a person could have ridden their eBike one and a half times around the world.

Longevity is one of the reasons Lug+Carrie only works with Bosch-powered eBikes. The other reasons are that they are smart and easy to live with and use.  At Lug+Carrie, we choose Bosch eBikes for because they are designed to last a long time, are smart and easy to live with, and are supported by a company with a wide service network.

Bosch Cargo Line eBike motor on a blue Tern GSD

Long lasting is one thing, but how does it feel to ride an eBike with a Bosch motor? Exceptional, we think: intuitive, smooth, powerful when you want it to be. The mid-drive motor transfers power directly to the pedals, gathering speed smoothly and feeling more natural than cheaper motors that can feel jumpy. This is important when carrying heavy loads and children. 

In addition to being long lasting, the batteries are smart as well. Their inbuilt battery management system means that our Lug+Carrie customers can charge their eBike when it suits them and know that the system is doing the work to optimise battery health and lifespan. 

We also know that when there is a problem, Bosch supports its products with a responsive and extensive service network, which is not a given in the world of eBike motors and batteries.

But it’s not enough to just have smooth riding eBikes and smart batteries. We are firm believers that eBikes, particularly ones that allow people to ride more, keep the car in the garage, are a good way to get around in an environmentally friendly way. So the fact that Bosch is a climate neutral organisation, and is creating products with a long lifespan that will help to control e-waste, makes Bosch a company we’re happy to work with.

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