Blue Skies + River Rides: Lug+Carrie Comes to Brisbane

Lug+Carrie has arrived in Brisbane!

A friendly and welcoming city with a vibrant family lifestyle, wonderful weather, great parks and the idyllic Brisbane River Loop. It’s easy to see why more people, including Lug+Carrie, are choosing to call this city home. But who are we and why have we come so far North, you ask? Scroll a bit further down and let us introduce ourselves.

Hello. We are Lug+Carrie


Founded in 2020 by two brothers, we want to provide people with a better way to connect with their family and city through a freedom from cars. We believe that eBikes are a sustainable and efficient form of transport, and, with over 750 active customers, it’s clear others do too! Our all inclusive subscription model makes riding an eBike easily accessible, whether you’re looking for a greener commute, or need a better transport solution for the school run. We’ve got you covered.



How did we get here?


Launched successfully in Melbourne in 2020, and Sydney in 2021, the time came for us to expand once again, and Brisbane was first on our list. It’s an awesome place to live and boasts an incredible network of bike lanes and shared pathways, perfect for all riding types. 


We are excited to announce that the first batch of Lug+Carries have hit the Brisbane streets, so be on the lookout and stop them for a chat if you see them!



Where we deliver


We’re still on the hunt for the perfect HQ, but we plan to service communities within 15km from Brisbane’s CBD. Check out a map of the operation zone here. We will be ready to get bikes out to customers in October, so why not build yourself a bike using our new Bike Builder, and get yourself on the waitlist?

Why subscribe with Lug+Carrie right now


Make everyday an adventure with our no commitment flexible subscriptions. Looking for a quicker commute? Hop onto one of our HSDs and ride to work in style, no sweat! Always wanted to ride the River Loop, but kids can’t go the distance? Grab a GSD, pop them on the back and enjoy the views while making memories. Our bikes are fully customisable, easy to ride and, with all inclusive servicing, they’re even easier to love!





Like what you’ve read, but need more info? 

  • This blog post breaks our subscription down into 5 simple points
  • Find out more about the super Tern bikes we offer. We’ve got a lot to say about both the GSD and the HSD 
  • Feed your brain with our T&Cs here

Alternatively, if you’re ready to join our first lucky Brissie customers, hit the Get Started button now!

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