A Successful Partnership With Moreland City Council

Moreland City Council’s Ride & Stride Program Gets Families On Bikes

Lug & Carrie is always looking for new ways to make it easy to hop on an eBike to bring some fun into everyday life.

So when Moreland City Council in Melbourne’s inner north approached us to partner with them on part of their Ride & Stride program, a pilot with the goal of enabling local families to travel to school by bike, we jumped at the opportunity.  

In November, Lug & Carrie electric bikes were provided to 16 lucky families attending Brunswick East Primary School, giving them an opportunity to do the school drop-off (and the rest of life!) by bike for two weeks, at no cost. All families received the full Lug & Carrie experience, including home delivery and pickup, a session on how to use and ride the bike, roadside assistance, and at home maintenance if needed. 

We could not be happier with the results. 

A mom helping her kids get ready to ride on a Tern GSD electric cargo bike.

75% of the participants told us that they typically drove their kids to school, but the trial helped to open eyes about the potential of doing the school run by bike. “I haven’t been on a bike in years,” said one happy participant after the trial, “and it has been great to go around with my son.”

“The kids were actually excited to go to school [and] daycare!” commented another.

And it went further than just the school drop off. The program was successful in inspiring and changing travel habits of over 70% of participants, who incorporated their eBike into daily life by using it multiple times a day. 

Moreland was thrilled with the results of the pilot program, and they are making plans to expand to more schools in 2022.

The best part? It looks like the program may have encouraged some longer term changes: more than half of the families who participated decided to keep their Lug & Carrie electric bike after the trial ended.

We’re looking forward to more partnerships like this one in the future, to help get more people on eBikes so they can experience what we mean when we say ‘daily life, done better’.

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