5 Things: The Lug+Carrie eBike Subscription Service

Welcome to Lug & Carrie, Melbourne’s first eBike subscription service.

So what brings you here?

Maybe you’ve been looking at eBikes and like the idea, but you’re a bit overwhelmed by all the information and jargon that’s out there, not to mention the high cost.

Maybe you’ve been looking at cargo bikes, and love the idea of being able to replace your car for errands and school drop offs, but can’t imagine hauling those kinds of loads?

Maybe you’re wanting to improve on that daily commute, one that involves lots of driving and sitting in traffic, or public transportation that has you organising your life around a timetable and feeling like a sardine.

Maybe it’s a little bit of all of these.

Well, you have come to the right place.

commuter in Melbourne CBD on the Tern HSD
The Tern HSD

We started Lug & Carrie for people like you, to solve these problems by creating a simple way to get more people onto eBikes. For a single low weekly fee of around $50, you can be on your own eBike, looking pretty smart as you drop off the kids at school, fly past traffic on the way to work (and not breaking a sweat while doing it), haul home a slab from the bottle shop for that weekend barbecue… the options are endless.

Want to know what else is smart about the Lug & Carrie service?

1) We’ve done the hard research so you don’t have to.

The Lug & Carrie fleet is made up of the Tern GSD and its little sister, the Tern HSD. We looked at dozens of eBikes, puzzled over wattages and hydraulic disc brakes and thru-axle hubs before landing on these bikes, because quite simply they are the best. They look great, are fun to ride, and they also double as supremely useful cargo bikes. Both the GSD (which stands for Get Stuff Done) and HSD (Haul Stuff Daily) are made to carry you and whatever your life requires: two kids or a week’s worth of groceries (or both).

But you don’t have to take our word for it. There’s a reason the Tern GSD was named Bicycling Magazine’s Gear of the Year in 2018 and an Editor’s Choice in 2019.

Dad and kids loading Tern GSD with things from the green grocer
The Tern GSD
Commuter in Melbourne on the Tern HSD
The Tern HSD

2) The price is right.

Award-winning eBikes like our Terns are expensive to buy – a Tern GSD retails for right around $7,000. If a high price tag was keeping you from getting onto an eBike or a cargo bike, our low weekly fee should help get you over the line. The Tern GSD can be yours for $61 per week, and the HSD for $44 per week. That’s no more than you’d spend riding public transportation for a week.

3) We include peace of mind with every subscription.

Great eBikes like the Tern GSD and HSD need maintenance every so often, to keep them in top condition. But maintenance costs money, which means sometimes it gets put off. That’s why every eBike subscription has all maintenance included. 

And if you have an unforeseen breakdown while you’re out Getting Stuff Done? We’ve thought of that too, and included Bicycle Network Rider Rescue roadside assistance with your subscription that will help get you back on the road fast.

We also provide a lock, an alarm, and your bike will be insured against theft and damages.

Perhaps you’re not worried about maintenance or breaking down? With Lug & Carrie, you can continue not worrying about it.

4) Sign up is easy.

Once you’re convinced that the Lug & Carrie service is right for you, maybe you’d like to ride one of the Terns before applying? We’d be happy to help, and think that after riding one of our Terns you’ll be convinced. Just send us an email at info@lug-carrie.com or call 03 9000 0830 and we’ll schedule a test ride.

Then all you need to do is click the Get Started button. We’ll schedule a time for you to visit us, where you’ll get shown around your new bike. We’ll also talk to you about customising your ride with cool accessories like child seats or panniers that you can purchase or add to your subscription. And that’s it. You are ready to ride off on your Tern to conquer the world, and that hill that’s between you and your house.

5) There’s no commitment.

We think that you’ll love everything about your eBike, but understand that circumstances change. So we’re flexible. You can swap your bike for a different Tern and add or change accessories, at any time. Or, you can end your subscription by providing us with a 30-day notice.

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQ, or get in touch at info@lug-carrie.com.

Like what you hear? Click the Get Started button and we’ll get the process started!

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